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Author:morten.rokoszCreated:Mon, 06 Aug 2007 11:34:54 GMT
A blog about technology and life in the northern part of Swyxville, the land of the midnight sun, Norway. DISCLAIMER: This blog is a private project. The statements in my articles and comments are mine and mine only and they do not necessarily reflects the view of my employers, past or present.

09:11 – Good morning. People are starting to show up at the Swyx Technology Conference. We will try at our best to cover the most important information revealed during this first STC from Dortmund. Stay tuned to this blog post and make sure to update your browser window from time to time.

Please note that pictures are taken with a mobile phone at the moment. There might be higher quality photos available later.



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It has been really interesting to see what has keeping Google busy lately.

http://code.google.com/p/chrometophone/logo?cct=1280358026First they launched a really neat feature called ‘Chrome-To-Phone’. In short, it will add a button to Chrome that lets you seamlessly push links, maps, and currently selected text and phone numbers to your Android device. Basically a ‘CTI’ function between your browser and Android phone. If Swyx could release an Android version of SwyxIt! Mobile, this could actually be used to make some sort of CTI for Android phones integrated with SwyxWare. How sweet would that be!



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Before the summer of 2009 we started up a new company to bring Hosted SwyxWare to Norwegian resellers. We refer to this as Cloud Communication. Starting a company from scratch is a perfect way to be a little bold and try to do things differently. So, my quest as the CTO was to see just how ‘cloudy’ a company can be in the year of 2009…

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There it was. Just like that. In my email inbox. An invitation to use Google Wave.

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I suddenly got interested in fashion and clothing. But not for the reason you think…

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I suddenly got interested in fashion and clothing. But not for the reason you think…

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I had just start reading an article about Google Wave ( O'Brien: Google Wave Is like e-mail, only way more complicated ). When I read the introduction, I had to smile a little bit:

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image By chance I stumbled over the website of a certain Mr. Bernd Baringhorst. Want to know more about the man behind the graphical profile of Swyx Solutions? Then visit his home page Bernd Baringhorst.

…and made a Swyxware video presentation. Use it at your own risk…


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Today is a special day. Well not the day in itself, but the date; 07.08.09. It will not happen again for a hundred years, so spend the day wisely…

Just sharing my first experience of preparing lobster. Enjoy.


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I just got the time too watch the complete Google I/O Wave presentation. I must say I am looking forward to this. A lot of the feature they are showing, is exactly the features I have missed.


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Maybe construction is not one of the skills your friends associate you with. But I am pretty sure you could have done better than this!

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I have written about the startup of our company, UCIT. Finally every piece of the puzzle is in place.

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Since I am so ego-centric, I always test new search engines by doing a search on my own name. Bing was no exception, but I may say I got myself a surprise when I checked out the image search.

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image This is my latest project.

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One of my favourite games for the Amiga was Ports of Call. I also bought it for the PC a couple of years ago. It is a trading simulator, where you transport goods from one port in the world to another.

image So when I read about a project that is using Goolgle Earth to make a ship simulator, I tested it right away.

The ‘game’ is developed by Dinther Product Design.

Try it here: Ships

Tomorrow Jean-Michel Jarre will be back in Oslo as part of the World Tour. So now you know where to find me tomorrow…

Swyx has been around for ten years. We just started our business, with strong focus on Swyx products and we are sure we will be successful delivering services based on the Swyx product range. The first step is now completed, we have an officelocation and the necessary IT systems up and running. The CRM, accounting and logistic system is a web-based solution from 24SevenOffice. Email and simple office applications are handled with Google Apps for Domains.

Our office is located in Østensjøveien 36, just 8 minutes from Oslo center with the Metro or car. We are renting two offices from another company. They rent the complete floor and rent some of the offices to us and another company.

We are very satisfied to get such a nice office location, for a quite reasonable price I think. Enjoy the photos of the office below.


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We decided to start our own company! I am no longer an YIT employee.

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image Check out this ‘game’ from Microsoft. Don’t limit yourself to be a geek in real life, step into your virtual parallel universe.

Designed to look like any C64 game, it’s fun (and yes, of course it is some kind of advertising)

Click the picture to play (requires Silverlight)

Are you into the business of sharing your screen. Here are two free tools to help you do just that.

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The use of the WEB just took yet another step in the right direction; Games as a Service.


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BATAVIA, IL—In October, Fermilab scientists joined a growing number of physicists around the world in warning that the Very Large Earth Collider—a $117 billion electromagnetic particle accelerator built to study astronomical phenomena by colliding Earth into various heavenly bodies—could potentially destroy Earth when it sends the planet careening headlong into Mars, Jupiter, or even the sun.

Read the rest here: The Onion

If you are the kind of person that will get exited every time your car' odometer reaches some 'magic' sequence of digits, then friday the 13th will be your lucky day. That's because, at precisely 23:31:30 UTC on February 13, 2009, the 10-digit "epoch time" clock used by most Unix computers ( Unix time ) will display all ten decimal digits in sequence.

Ever needed a bad excuse to party? Well, then join these guys: 1234567890day.com

Anyone wants to join my SwyxWare-reaches-11223344-calls-party? It will take place by the water-cooler of the IT-department...

French political elites are pushing through, at home and abroad, the most unscrupulous law project on copyright: HADOPI, which stands for Haute Autorité pour la Diffusion des Œuvres et la Protection des droits sur Internet (high authority for the distribution of works and the protection of rights on the Internet).


Read the whole article on Ludwig von Mises Institute

480px-Rubik's_cube.svg 1975: Erno Rubik files for a patent on his twisty toy cubes.

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On the 24th of January 1984, the Apple Macintosh was launched. Two days before, on the 22nd, the Mac is introduced to the world in a now-legendary TV commercial aired during Super Bowl XVIII.

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The way out of the financial crises is clear. People need to spend money again. If you do not buy then businesses will go out of business. Remember, this is not the time to stop shop expensive coffees with steamed warm milk in it. If you do, the coffee shop will go out of business and you will need to make the next latte yourself.

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This was meant for friday, but it was not possible to publish it for some reason:

Keeping the tradition alive, read on for some friday night fun...

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The Antikythera mechanism, is an ancient mechanical calculator (also described as the first known mechanical computer) designed to calculate astronomical positions. It was discovered in the Antikythera wreck off the Greek island of Antikythera, between Kythera and Crete, in 1901. Subsequent investigation, particularly in 2006, dated it to about 150–100 BC; and hypothesised that it was on board a ship that sank en route from the Greek island of Rhodes to Rome. Technological artifacts of similar complexity did not reappear until a thousand years later.

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Ray Ozzie, Microsoft's new chief software architect was handpicked by Bill Gates to retool the Windows giant for the 21st century. Gates refers to him as "one of the top five programmers in the universe."

Wired.com runs an excellent feature article on the new CSA in Microsoft. This is exactly why I love reading Wired articles. It's more than just tech, it's history, it's the spirit of people just destined to end up in the chair of chairs.

Please enjoy this excellent article from the Wired website

Ray Ozzie Wants to Push Microsoft Back Into Startup Mode

According to Mark Twain history does not repeat itself, but it does rhyme. How true is this in the times of global credit crunch.

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I could not help myself from sharing this with you. I just logged in to the web shop of the biggest proffessional IT distributor in Norway. Look what I found! This is the Top Selling Items list. If you did not catch it already; 'Mest populære' means 'Most popular'. I can not find my self to ignore the irony between this list and the logo below it

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29th of october 2008, the first snow in Oslo. I think I better start from my home office. It will be chaos in the traffic, like always.

EDIT: Oh man, did it become chaotic. Yes!

A lot of accidents (luckily no-one got hurt badly), people driving around on summer tires (hello, it has been snowing in Norway since like before cars even existed, but people are just as suprised every year) and people changing tires in the middle of the road. To bad you can not read Norwegian, you could have read a lot of funny things about this in the newspaper today.

Have you lost all your money? Do not loose your ability to laugh! I will take you back 25 years to a much easier era when everything was just sooo much better (according to my father). This is the cover page of the first issue of a Norwegian computer magazine that hit the market in 1983.

BTW; 1983 was just four years before the meltdown of the economy in the end of the 80's started. So do not despair, we will get over this current one as well!

1982: At precisely 11:44 a.m., Scott Fahlman posts the following electronic message to a computer-science department bulletin board at Carnegie Mellon University:     19-Sep-82 11:44 Scott E Fahlman  :-)From: Scott E Fahlman I propose that the following character sequence for joke markers: :-) Read it sideways. Actually, it is probably more economical to mark things that are NOT jokes, given current trends. For this, use: :-(     With that post, Fahlman became the acknowledged originator of the ASCII-based emoticon. From those two simple emoticons (a portmanteau combining the words emotion and icon) have sprung dozens of others that are the joy, or bane, of e-mail, text-message and instant-message correspondence the world over. Source: wired.com


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I could have used the opportunity to write about what happened in the US air space seven years ago on this day. But I won't. I will write about something happening on this day in 1822.

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Microsoft is still the worlds richest company with around 23 billion dollars in its valet. But Apple might soon catch up. Apple now have a 20.8 billion dollar in cash and is adding a nice one billion dollars to it every quarter at the moment.

Apple has apparently included a blacklisting mechanism in iPhone OS 2.x via which the device can phone home, check for unauthorized applications, and disable them.

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Thomas Edison receives a patent for the mimeograph. It will dominate the world of small-press-run publication for a century.

The mimeograph machine (commonly abbreviated to mimeo) or stencil duplicator, along with spirit duplicators and hectographs were for many decades used to print short-run office work, classroom materials, and church bulletins. These technologies began to be supplanted by photocopying in the 1960s, although in mid-range quantities, mimeographs are still more economical than photocopiers. Photocopying and cheap offset printing have replaced mimeography almost entirely in developed countries. But...

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This is the time when all the Olympic spirit will ignite in peaceful glory in China. 8 years in the planning, 40 billion dollars spent, and 8 is a Chinese lucky number.

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image The last moths I have been using a free WEB meeting service called DimDim. This is a great tool with a price/performance ratio hard to beat.

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Most of the inhabitants in Norway live close to water. Either by living in one of the places along the coast, the fjords or by some inland lake. For this reason it is quite surprising to read that Norwegian' 10 years old children turn out to be on the bottom of the ranking in Europe based on the requirements for swimming skills needed.

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Is Microsoft working on a new OS?

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Forget about being trapped in traffic in the near future. It will be so much better when we all just fly around. Then we will have the much more preferable situation of total chaos in the air. Anyway, the future is here, now, today. If you only have 100 000 dollar and some good sound protection for your ears.

Have a look here: Jetpack in action

I hope Tom will forgive me one day, but this was to good to leave out.

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After moving the MAC to the Intel platform, Apple has really put some substance to the marketing slogan "5 down, 95 to go" referring to its percentage share of the computer business. In U.S.A Apple is now close to a 10% percent market share.

A year ago Apple shipped 6,4 % off all units sold the states. Numbers for Q2 shows that this number now is 8,5 %, an increase of 38%.

In the rest of the world the market share is 3,3 %.

It will be really interesting to see how the OS battle on the desktop will evolve. At least there is no longer just a Windows/Linux battle, you have to put some Apples in the basket as well.

I have been using a small utility for a couple of months now. It does only one thing, but it does it great and it put credit to the 'Keep it simple' phrase.

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It has been so long since I last wrote a blog article that I nearly did not find Live Writer. The reasons for this are many, but mostly because I had nothing to write about.

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image To help all people working in IT and Support to have an easier workday, the following instructions should be sent out to all the users in your organization.

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Back in the office after almost a week in Dortmund. As always it was a real pleasure visiting all the Swyxies again. They really make you feel like 'family'. A lot of work is put into future development of SwyxWare, but I am not going to look to the future, it is time to step back into the past.

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07052008048 I am back in Dortmund with a couple of partners that are using these fine sunny days inside the Swyx Training room (I feel so sorry for them ;) )

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01052008046 After yet another week, and with good help of Labour Day, I finished the terrace. For those who care, here is a photo of the result.

I am ready for the summer now...

The World Wide Web has many birthdays. But perhaps the most important Web anniversary of all is 30 April 1993.

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Sometimes you just stumble over a piece of software that just makes a little task much easier.

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The last week I have been up to something completely non-technical. The summer is around the corner and the house needs a terrace.

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Newsflash: Swyx has secret plans for the new training sessions when SwyxWare 7.0 will be released by the end of this year. This video has been found on the desk of the Training Planning Manager (TPM) at Swyx. See you in Dortmund in the end of the year.

While the US economy is sliding into recession and the rest of the world is trying to figure out what is going on, this video explains a lot. BTW, this is not a joke.

Yet another week is history. It is Friday and I want to share with you what I have been up to this week.

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It all boils down to your preferences, but Mozart performing on his own piano for classical music lovers or Ridley Scott lecturing about Blade Runner if you are crazy about sci-fi movies, would be moments to take your breath away. On Saturday 12th of April almost 1600 people had such a moment in Oslo.

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But my wife would probably say that it would have made me a liar. Anyway, you judge if this is a progress or not.

Have a nice weekend everyone, and easy on the fastfood.

If you are a frequent reader of the forum, you have noticed that from time to time there will be posts about SIP Trunking. We often then ask the poster if the provider is tested by Swyx. This is not just something we say because we can't help...

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Since I am working with Hosted SwyxWare I subscribe to a newsletter from Parallells, the developer behind the server virtualization product Virtuozzo. This morning I had a fresh newsletter in my inbox.

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Jean Michel Jarre has a video blog on YouTube from the Oxygène Tour. If you like this kind of music, check it out.

Jean Michel Jarre YouTube Video Bog

To improve the Swyx-experience in my office, a new attraction is taking shape.

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Martins blog article, Klaatu Barada Nikto , mentioning the Theremin make me think of a big event happening in Oslo in just one week.

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Want to impress a mother and her baby? Here is the German way...

If you read my blog post, Stream me up, Scotty , you already know that we have looked into the possibilities of streaming. Here is the result.

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Anyone remember the eighties? Everything was better then, right.

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In 1994 the Winter Olympics was arranged in the small town of Lillehammer in Norway. Even smaller, Hamar, got to take part of this as well. The Olympic Arena 'Vikingskipet' was built here. But this is not about sport.

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After reporting 'live' from CeBIT I started to search for tools that could have made this even more 'live'

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I am not going to discuss the big questions now,  but life is a coincidence. Read this and think about it.

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You probably do not know this, but it is quite a big thing in Oslo. In a couple of months the new Opera house will open the doors to the public.

Naturally the newspapers are writing about this event, and about whom that will ever visit this part of the cultural world. So who is the typical audience for the world of Opera? According to the same newspapers there have been some resistance to the whole Opera house project. It is expensive and they claim it will be the playground for the elite, the upper class of society.

That cought my attention immidiatly. Would that be all it takes? Would listen to opera make me become one of the upper class of society? I could not make this tempring thought leave my mind.

So, one day a couple of months ago it happened. While standing in line at the cashier in the local and quote dull supermarket something made my heart beat a little faster. Could it be? After all this time wondering how to enter this wonderful cultural world of the elite. I picked...

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About a year ago Swyx formed a trusted advisory group (T.A.G.). A selected number of persons from the channel (resellers and ditribution) and end users are invited to participate in this group. Swyx will present their thoughts about future releases and the markets and will get feedback from the group.

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When I noticed that my last blog entry was almost one month ago I just had to write something, if for no other purpose than showing you all that I am still alive....

Reading Tom's Blog you have a clue already about my absence. Moving into a new house takes time, and even more so if this house is located in the Norwegian wilderness.

Well, this wilderness is actually 15 minutes away from the placed I lived before in Oslo. But here is my findings so far:

1) The location of the house is in the shadow of everything transmitted in the air (or so it seems). I was going to get my TV signals from the new digital TV network that is transmitted in the air. But, no, no. Not coverage at the location of the house. Got to order a satelite dish and subscribe to a satelite provider. So today I will try to install the 3 meter long steel pole to the outer wall of the house to get the dish high enough to get good signals. This means climbing a ladder, something usually done by my stunt-double. So if anything happens, my will is like this: Tom will receive my swyx-forum account and the rest goes to my familiy.


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From time to time I get asked if we scandinavians do understand each others languages. They are quite similiar, even if we of course have a lot of different words.

But to answer this question once and for all, I would like you all to watch this video. It explains very well how the situation is.

It is subtitled in Norwegian so that our Danish friends will also understand

Help, we need help... Part 1  / Part 2

Today, 14th of december 1972, Eugene Cernan was the last person to walk on the moon. He achived that on the Apollo 17 mission.

Just so you know, walking on the moon is sooooooooo 70's

Time for a little joke to help you through the last day before the weekend.

A lady had been married three times, but still  a virgin. How is that possible, one of the friends asked her?

- Well, she answered, the first time I married a eighty-year old, but he died before the wedding night.

- The second time I married an officer of the navy. But on the wedding night the war started and he never returned.

- The third man I married was a Microsoft Windows developer. All he ever did was to sit by the bed and tell how wonderful everything was going to be...

At last the first step to take swyx-forum to the next level is completed. During the last months the site has become a huge success. A lot of Swyx users and entusiasts have visited the community and quite a lot have registered and used the forum as well.

So after establishing itself as *the* independent place on the Net for Swyx resources, we want to step up and take it to the next level. So what will the next level be? We want to extend the site with a review section. At the moment we will use the Wiki, and the first review is published now. It takes some time to write a good review, and since all of us have full time jobs and none of us is reporters, we have to test and try the format a little bit.

Anyway, we are quite confident that reviews in general and Swyx related reviews will make the site an even greater resource for Swyx related information.

So, if you have the possibility, please feel free to write your own tech-review and post it in the Wiki. We will also very much welcome any...

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I missed my friday blog entry, but since Tom wrote his from the office next to mine I made that count for the both of us

As Tom has reffered to already he is on a visit in Oslo, so we have been working closely for the last couple of days. Tom is our official Hitchhiker, so we just had to add some entries into his Guide. I guess he will write about it later, if he is not too traumatized.

The entries will be rakefisk, lutefisk and multekrem... These are all traditional Norwegian dishes, and Tom had the oppurtunity to try these, and I can tell you that they are not 'mostly harmless'. If you ever been to Norway, you might have tasted the brown cheese that we are so proud of. If we can do that with cheese, just imagine what we can do to fish

I must be honest to you, Tom tried it and that makes him quite brave, I live here and never tasted it. That food is the reason it just took a second for the Norwegians to welcome pizza and hamburgers when we discovered that they existed.


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For all us hardcore Swyxers, christmas is coming early this year. In the end of November the next generation of SwyxWare, version 6.10, is scheduled for release.

At the moment a lot of us is busy with running the beta of 6.10. And I want to give you all a short summary of the experience so far.

The major improvements in this version are.

The possibility to use a remote SQL Server, 2005 Express or the real thing SQL Server 2005. All the user and systems files (with the exeption of recordings) will now be stored in the database and not in the file system. SwyxIt! is no longer bound to a Windows User Account. DCOM is not longer used, so a pure Swyx login can be used. If you want to, Window authentication may still be used. Mobile Extension Manager. This new server component adds the possibility of a new kind of parallell call to an external device. A review of this feature will be published later. Swyx SIP phone; S315. Swyx will release an entry level SIP-based phone with...

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Well, I would've liked to wait until friday with this one. But in the blastingly fast mediaworld of the Internet, it would probably have been seen by everyone at that time. It has been on YouTube for more than a week now

But this is too good to be missed; Top Gear, the BBC motor show, arranged a race between a car and a jet-fighter. Why? Because they could!

Watch it here: Bugatti Veyron vs Eurofighter Typhoon

This week someone brought my attention to a british artist that make some incredible pavement chalk-drawings.

By distorting the image he is drawing, when seen from a certain viewpoint, they will appear as beeing 3D.

Please have a look at his webpage, and be amazed: Julian Beever

Well, do not worry. I am not leaving the Swyx-scene, but I have been leaving Dortmund after a very pleasant stay at Swyx HQ this week. And no, I did not eat all the fish! But do you have any idea about how difficult it is to think of some funny headlines?

First of all, I want to thank Tomer Welligson a lot for taking excellent care of us these days, and also all the others putting all their effort into this as well. Thanks to Uwe, Martin, Sebastian, Stephan, Michael (all of them), Dirk, Rolf and all the other I managed to meet running around in the corridor. Yes, we even had a glimpse of Günter Junk, but we did not dare to disturb him from his telephone call ;)

Tom and Morten Tom Wellige and myself outside the Swyx HQ in Dortmund. 

We learned a lot about what is going on at the moment. Hosted Swyxware is coming along and also the Beta of 6.10. We will try to make some reviews about the MEM (Mobile...

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If your daily conversation contains a lot of LOL, BRB, CYAS and similiar expression, then this is the book you should bring to church this sunday....

The Book

I just upgraded my favourite mediaplayer to version 5.5. A new skin is available and some neat features. I just noticed than when Winamp 5.5 jumps to the next track in the playlist, while in the background, it will notify me with a pop-up in the down right corner. Just like when new e-mails arrives. Cool.

I have not used this blog for very much personal stuff. But this time I just want to write about something I am looking forward to a lot. Even if I have worked with SwyxWare for almost three years soon, I have just been to Dortmund once, and at that time I knew nobody at Swyx.

That has changed, thanks to the forums and the T.A.G. meeting I have met some Swyx employees and I have contact with Tom (the forum admin) almost every day. Uwe I met at the T.A.G meeting and then again when he visited Oslo this summer.

So I am really looking forward to visit Swyx HQ next week. I will come to Dortmund on monday evening and leave thursday evening.

I expect it to be some nice mix of business and pleasure (you know, doing business can be a pleasure ).

So all Swyxies, you are warned. If you see some crazy Norwegian running around in your offices next week, do not worry, it will only be me trying to shake hands with all of you.


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I just learned this really nice prank. Try this on one of your co-workers and enjoy.

1. Make a screenshot of the desktop of the machine.
2. Use this screenshot as the desktop background image
3. Move all the real icons....
4. Enjoy when your co-worker tries to launch a program clicking on the background image....

Works best if the user has a looooooot of icons on the desktop.

It is friday all over again. Time to find out what to do in the weekend.

Have you ran out of people to add as friends on facebook or businesspartners to add to LinkedIN? Then you should use the weekend to start getting closer to the enemy. You can do that on arsebook.org, the anti-social network where you can get in touch with all the people you hate....

Have a not so nice weekend everyone

Curious about iPhone? Read what the four big US players (competitors) think about Apples new hype.

The iPhone Three Months In: What the Competition Thinks

This is exactly why we should respect Apple. They are in a position that makes even the competitors without any other option than to play along with the media-hype.

I would love to see an article were Cisco, Nortel, Avaya and Alcatel-Lucent all had to answer some questions about Swyxware! That would have been a national holiday in Swyxville

Time for this weeks friday blog-entry.

Do you have around 28 000 dollar and nothing to use them on? Why not buy this computer keyboard?

Xynergi SLK Keyboard

It might work with SwyxIt!

I just read an interesting article by Ross O'Brien on the VON Magazine web-site about VoIP as a Hosted Service.

You can read it here: Hosted VoIP for the Enterprise

Working closely with TSP's in Norway it is quite clear that SMB is accepting the concept of voice as a hosted service. Hosted SwyxWare from Swyx is a good step to get Swyx technology into this market. At the moment we have a Beta-test site in Norway for Hosted SwyxWare and I must say that it looks really promising.

I am really looking forward to see what kind of impact Swyx is able to do in this segment.

Let's get in the mood for the weekend! The weekend is all about laughs and fun, right?

Some may have seen this video before, but it is funny every time, so I post it here.

This is a tribute to all the Germans struggeling to learn a foreign language ;). Enjoy.

Video on YouTube: German Coast Guard


Remember my blog-entry about the infrastructure loss in Sweden? Well, friday last week, something similar happened here in Norway.

South of Norway experienced some problems when a fiber-cabel owned by Telenor was damaged during some construction work. Some basestations for the GSM network and a network used by banks failed due to the damage.

So what about resilience? For some reason it did not work even if it has been implemented.

If you read norwegian you can read about it here: Kabelbrudd hos Telenor rammer Telemark 

Microsoft wants to control not only your desktop, but now it seems their heading up for you frontshield as well. According to a patent application found at US Patent & Trademark Office Microsoft is applying for a patent for a interactive automotive userinterface using the car window as a display, like the HUD in airplanes.

Seems that the term crashing windows will have a whole new meaning.

Our life, or to be more correct, our memories from life is now a matter of bits and bytes. How to protect yourself from digital Alzheimer.

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Paul Graham is a man with some provocative ideas. At least if you are a big software house and work in the traditional way.

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Ok, my todo list for today is quite long. A lot of traces to be sent to Swyx and setting up some evaluation servers for new possible resellers..... But when I got this e-mail I just new that it had happened!

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Soon a new law will hit the German security market hard.

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25 years have gone by and soon it may be history.

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Hey guys, let's admit it. We are hooked on technology, so why not start classify women accordingly.

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Did you have a strange feeling after you watched the movie the Matrix for the first time? The world did not just feel the same anymore? Well, maybe your feeling was not so far off..

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It is not just the warming that has turned global these days. The acceptance of the fact that something is not quite right is definetly gone global as well.

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Converged networks has its weakness. You put all your eggs in the same basket some claims. What will happen then...

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Before you read this, get yourself a cup of coffee, or tea or espresso. Take a good sip of it and enjoy this anecdote.

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I got a new favourite band now, they are called  'Cry Cisco'


I have become a digital nomad again. I used to own Windows Mobile phones, but switched to Nokia some months ago. I did miss the MSN Messenger client from the WM platform.

At last I am a complete digital nomad once again, a Live Messenger client is now available for Symbian S60 3rd edition phones. Of course we are talking about a leak, it should not have been available from MS and Nokia for some time yet.

I have used it for some days now, and I must confess that this is a real good port of a Windows app to the Symbian platform. It is actually better that the client in WM5 (I do not know WM6). If you use a Symbian S60 based phone, you can find the client here:


If you think you have a bad day at the office you should have a look at this. It will make your day looks a lot easier....