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Swyx Forum has been moved!

You are currently watching the archived read-only Swyx Forum page.

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After 7 1/2 years it was time for Swyx Forum to get some new clothes, more fancy, more modern and more easy to use.

Please note that the content of the old forum wasn't moved, but instead became a read only archive for all times. Also all existing user accounts were not moved. You would need to register yourself a new account on the new page.


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Please note that this is not an official support forum of
Swyx Solutions AG,
but instead a privately owned and driven website.

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The default language in the forums is english.




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Forum Policy

The discussion forums at Swyx Forum are dedicated to the discussion of SwyxWare and related topics.

For the benefit of the community and to protect the integrity of Swyx Forum, please observe the following posting guidelines:

  1. The opinions and answers given in this forum are to be taken as the personal opinions of the forum members and must not be taken as an official statement of a company a forum member works for.
  2. No Advertising. This includes promotion of commercial products and non-commercial products which are not directly related to SwyxWare or it's OEM versions.
  3. No Flaming or Trolling.
  4. No Profanity, Racism, or Prejudice.
  5. Furthermore, make sure your posts comply to our Terms of Use.
  6. Newest development in German law defines online forums as journalistic content, making the forum owner and all posters to journalists. With this statement the forum owner declares that neither he nor his users are journalists with all legal consequences.
  7. The German Jugendmedienschutz-Staatsvertrag (JMStV) (Protection of Minors) defines a disclosure of online medias which are not suitable for minors below the age of 18. The Swyx Forum webseite does not provide any such content and underlies therefore not this disclosure. Please see further details including the responsible person for the protection of minors and direct contact data in the Imprint.
  8. The forums are currently unmoderated, meaning all postings will appear immediately after submission. If this turns out not working due to massive abuse all forums will switch to moderated mode, meaning a posting must be approved after submission my a moderator before appearing.
  9. You can use any language you like (except for the project forums) but keep in mind that by using english you will reach the largest audience.