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German Aid for Afghan Children / Kinderhilfe Afghanistan


Swyx Forum supports German Aid for Afghan Children / Kinderhilfe Afghanistan.

German Aid for Afghan Children

A fixed amount of all donations to Swyx Forum and sponsoring fees will be donated to GAAC to build schools and orphanages in afghanistan.


About German Aid for Afghan Children (GAAC) (as taken from the offical flyer)

For a quarter of a century, in between 1979 and 2001, war, civil war and misery have prevailed in this small country in the Hindu Kush. On Christmas 1979, the Soviet army invaded the country. Their merciless war against the civil population lasted a decade.

More than one million people were killed, 2 million were mutilated, and over 6 million people had to flee their country. It was the biggest exodus in human history. Still today, hundreds of thousands of refugees are living in Pakistan.

In 1994, the Taliban occupied the country, supported by Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, and tolerated by the US. They established a brutal regime of terror which existed for seven years, undisturbed by the West. Primitive Koran schools replaced universities and schools, museums were looted, and irreplaceable cultural monuments destroyed.

Women and girls once highly honoured and respected were deprived of their most fundamental rights. They were forbidden to go to school, learn a profession or work. Afghanistan fell into deep agony.

Saudi millionaire Osama bin Laden found protection and support with the Taliban. From 1996 on, he hid in the mountains of East Afghanistan preparing Al-Quaida's terror attacks. It was only after 09/11 that the world awoke. In a 'blitzkrieg' lead by the US air force, the Taliban were removed from their positions of power within a few weeks. Osama bin Laden and Al-Quaida were driven out of the country.

Since early in 2002, hope is rising again in the country. Between 1987 and 1990, during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, we lived in Peshawar with our four children and worked as teacher and physician. During those horrible years, we became especially attached to the children of Afghanistan. After our return to Germany in 1990, we didn't forget the country and the wonderful people living there. In 1998, we founded

        German Aid for Afghan Children

Our aim is to help Afghanistan's children and adolescents effectively and on a long-term basis and to support Afghanistan's transition into a peaceful and prosperous country. With the assistance of our Afghan co-operators, we establish, run and support in Afghanistan's Eastern provinces and in refugee camps near the border: 

  • basic health units
  • mother-and-child hospitals
  • peace schools
  • computer schools
  • orphanage
  • "workshops for future" building solar systems

We built our first peace school back in 1998 in Peshawar, still under Taliban rule. More than 1,000 afghan girls attended this school within four years. Still today, five years after the fall of the Taliban regime and after the return of many refugees to Afghanistan, it is regarded one of the best refugee schools in the Pakistan border area. After the fall of the Taliban regime, we could finally start to build and furnish the first schools within afghanistan at the end of 2001.

Over the course of the last four years, we have built a total of 16 schools for approx. 45,000 children in remote regions, especially in the troubled provinces in the East. Located:

  • In the rough mountains of Tora Bora
  • In the still disputed frontier area of Kunar
  • In the Paghman Province built in collaboration with our late friend and patron, UNICEF Ambassador Sir Peter Ustinov
  • In the village of Eslamabad in the Laghman Province
  • Over 1,200m above sea level, near Kashmond, in one of the poorest regions of Northeast Afghanistan
  • In Jalalabad province capital of Nangahar (three secondary schools for girls and one for boys)
  • In the troubled Khost Province (several village schools).

Subjects tought at our schools include the national languages Pashtu and Farsi, English, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Geography, History, Hygienics, and Religion. We charge no school fees and all learning material is for free. Extremely poor children and orphans regularly receive meals/food packs. At some schools, GERMAN lessons are offered. Particularly gifted students get computer lessons. In collaboration with UNICEF, we added the subject „education for peace“ to the curriculum. One thousand boys and girls attend our six computer schools.

At our "workshops for future", young men are trained to build solar stoves and lamps. Our orphanage in Nangahar is home to 200 orphaned boys and girls. More than 1,700 female and male teachers, engineers, bricklayers, labourers, physicians, midwives, nurses, and other helpers receive a regular income and thus can provide for their families.

        Our "Philosophy" - Your Donations

Afghanistan is a country with predominantly rural structures. Over 80% of the population are living in small towns and villages. Especially the villages suffered from war and drought in the past decades.

Unlike big aid organisations, we offer help in the rural areas and not in the capital, Kabul. Our funds come exclusively from private donations, most of them from school children, school classes and supporting partner schools.

Thereby we show the Afghan people that not only states and major organisations care for them but that there are many individuals who are willing to help rebuild a peaceful and happy Afghanistan.

All German co-operators of German Aid for Afghan Children work on a voluntary basis, without refund for their expenses. Without any deductions, 100 percent of your donations are spent for the children in need. Please state your complete address on the bank transfer if you want to receive a donation receipt from our Trutz Erös Foundation.

Your standing order will help us plan the building of new schools

        Donations Account:
        LIGA Bank Regensburg

        BLZ: 750 903 00
        KTO: 132 5000

        BIC Code: GENO DEF 1M05
        I-BAN: DE 08 750 903 000 132 500


This information is also available as flyer in german and english language:


Do you want to help in another way then donating money ?

The GAAC is building schools in the eastern part of afghanistan, in the area of tora-bora. This is a mountain area with not much technical infrastructure, because it has never existed or was destroyed by the sowjet army by intention or the american army by accident.

When building schools in this area mostly all resources (material and man power) is gathered from the afghan people themself. But they do not have photo-voltaic equipment or desktop pcs / notebooks. So, if you are able to provide such equipment (either as donation for free or for a very special price) please get in touch with me. I will make sure to get all the connections to Mr. Eroes and afghanistan.


More information

Dr. Eroes has already written two books about his extraordniary work in Afghanistan: