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Swyx Forum has been moved!

You are currently watching the archived read-only Swyx Forum page.

Please click here to head over to the new page.

After 7 1/2 years it was time for Swyx Forum to get some new clothes, more fancy, more modern and more easy to use.

Please note that the content of the old forum wasn't moved, but instead became a read only archive for all times. Also all existing user accounts were not moved. You would need to register yourself a new account on the new page.






Syndicate News


Syndicate News

Updated Blog Module - 09 November 2008

Every Swyx Forum user is entitled to write his own blog. Today the blog module has been updated coming now with an improved Windows Live Writer interface, Gravatars, Social Bookmarks and a better SEO optimization.

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SwyxWare Demo Server online ! - 13 July 2008

Today I am very pleased to announce the availablility of a public SwyxWare Demo Server, provided by Swyx Forum.

This demo server is open to everyone (SwyxIt!, SwyxWare Administration, SwyxWare Web Administration) to give SwyxWare a try without the need to install everything in the local LAN.

It will be restored to it's initial state every other night. So there's lot's time to play around.

All administrative access to the server is limited to "User Administration". The demo server does not and will not have any links to the outside world (ISDN / SIP). This is a limitation we had to introduce because we didn't wanted to become a telephony provider with all it's legal  consequences.

Read all the details about it on the Demo page !


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New project - SwyxIt! Web Extensions - 26 June 2008

I am very proud to announce the availablility of the SwyxIt! Web Extensions open source project on Swyx Forum.

The SwyxIt! Web Extensions are a collection of different small web based programs (with AJAX or ASP.NET) which can be operated at the new SwyxIt! Web Extension Control (Web Browser Control). These programs extend SwyxIt! by some useful functions such as displaying of RSS Feeds, up-tp-date stock quotes and much more.

The SwyxIt! Web Extensions are a server based solution which does not require any installation on the client machine. The only requirement for the client is a running SwyxIt! v6.12 / NetPhone Client v6.12 (or higher).

To use the extensions the user just have change to one of the SwyxIt! Skins which is providing the wished functionality.

Please note, that the general availability of SwyxWare v6.12 will be by tomorrow (Friday 27th of June). The version has already been released to all Swyx Partners.

I would like to use this announcement to thank Sebastian for his great effort on this project and I am pretty sure there will be lots of other nice extensions in the future to come.

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New Project - IpPbxImportRR - 15 June 2008

I am proud to announce the availability of a new open source project at Swyx Forum: IpPbxImportRR. This tool makes use of the CDS API to export/import the SwyxWare's routing tables to/from Excel or CSV files.


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Keep me up-to-date - 04 September 2007

Swyx-forum has a new feature: Keep me up-to-date

This is in fact an email notification feature. You can subscribe to it and select in which type of new information on swyx-forum you are interested in:

  • Blogs
  • Downloads
  • Forums
  • News
  • Swyx Support

Having selected one of these items you will get an email notification once a new item (blog entry, download item, forum thread, news item, swyx support kb article) has been posted on swyx-forum.

Please do not mistake this feature as the currently missing email notifications of the forum itself. These are still missing (but will hopefully be available by the end of september). The Keep me up-to-date just notifies you on new forum threads, not on new replays on existing threads.

The Keep me up-to-date feature will be extended to the Wiki as well in a matter of time. So new Wiki articels will then be posted as well.

You'll find this new feature on the start page of swyx-forum, in the middle of the left pane.

Just select what you want to know and click on Update My Subscriptions. From now on swyx-forum automatically sends out emails to the email address you have regsitered with us.

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Promotion of 3rd party Add Ons / Integrations / Tools - 08 August 2007

swyx-forum would like to announce the possibility of promoting any kind of 3rd party Add Ons / Integrations / tools for SwyxWare here on this site.

It has been possible from the very beginning but I think it should be stated much more clearly that it is possible and also mostly welcome.

So, if you would like to tell the world, or at the least the Swyx community, that you have a fabulous something that you are willing to sell, just write it into the Add Ons Forum.

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New project on swyx-forum: ServerState - 26 June 2007

I am proud to announce the availability of a new open source project: ServerState. This tool displays the state of SwyxWare services on the desktop. This is especially usefull for rdp sessions. Thanks to Markus (Swyx Solutions AG) to lead this project.

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New project on swyx-forum: SwyxIt! Logon Controller - 26 June 2007

I am proud to announce the availability of a new open source project: SwyxIt! Logon Controller. This client based tool logs a user automatically off from the SwyxServer if his machine goes into screensaver mode. With this, you don't need to think of it when leaving your desk as your "logged off" call routing will handle all calls soon. Thanks to Frank (3iMedia GmbH) to lead this project.

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Both Open Source Projects are available now ! - 30 May 2007

The two open source projects (Open Queue and SwyxIt! Gadget) are available for download now from swyx-forum. Both projects are still in beta state, but are feature complete and already running in lots of installations.

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Released ! - 21 May 2007

Finally, the swyx-forum website has been released to the public.

Feel free to raise your voice within the forums, fill the wiki with life, write your own blog or even lead your own open source project. Read more about actively joyning the community here.

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Release delayed - 12 May 2007

Due to the fact that the necessary forum module update hasn't been released yet, the release of swyx-forum will be delayed. The next target date will be 21.05.2007.

Fortunately the Wiki is already available. When using a FireFox browser you might notice a small display bug within the "search" link. This is just a minor bug and will be fixed shortly.

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Preview Phase Started ! - 21 April 2007

The final design work is done and there is no reason why holding back the preview phase any longer. From today on an official preview phase will be started to gather as much feedback as possible before finally going online at 14.05.2007.

Some important hints on the preview phase:

  • the Wiki (SwyxPEDIA) is not yet online. I am still waiting for an updated version of the Wiki module this site should use.
  • the Forum will be updated to a new version (with much more functionality) in a couple of days but feel free to use it already now ! Nothing will be lost !

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First Light ! - 08 April 2007

While the astronomers of the VLT (ESO - Very Large Telescope) refer to first light when taking the first images with a new telescope (first one of four was Kueyen, May 27th 1998) on the mountain Paranal in the Atakama desert (Chile), I am proud to announce first light of swyx-forum today.

There's still a lot to do: setting up pages, configuring the forums, blogs, wiki and working on the layout of this page, but at least we are started !

Target release date is the end of may, maybe earlier...

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