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After 7 1/2 years it was time for Swyx Forum to get some new clothes, more fancy, more modern and more easy to use.

Please note that the content of the old forum wasn't moved, but instead became a read only archive for all times. Also all existing user accounts were not moved. You would need to register yourself a new account on the new page.





Get Involved !


Get Involved !


A Swyx Forum project represent a decentralized community of committed volunteers working cooperatively to achieve results that none of us could achieve alone. Not all volunteers are developers! Many skills and much talent are required to manage and grow a community providing high quality projects.

Each project represents some manageable scope of value. That may be a call routing application, some server or client add on, some kind of tool or something we have not thought of yet. As particular areas are identified, scoped and staffed they will appear as Swyx Forum Project.


How to Get Involved ?

The strength of volunteer projects come directly from the strength of the people involved with them. Swyx Forum is optimistic to attract a strong community of users and developers. We invite you to participate in our projects as much or as little as you are able. The roles and responsibilities that you can assume are based strictly on merit... evaluated by your peers.

There are a variety of ways for you to participate. But regardless of how you choose to participate, we suggest you subscribe to any and all of the forums that interest you. Our forums actually serve a similar function to mailing lists, allowing you to subscribe to a particular thread or all threads in a particular forum... much like a mailing list. So, feel free to surf your My Settings within the Swyx Forum forums.


Use the Projects and Give Us Feedback

Using the projects, testing, reporting issues, making feature requests, et cetera, is an essential role. Your feedback helps the projects to improve and grow. You can:

  • Download Project Files (modules, documentation, etc.)
  • Subscribe to User Oriented Forums1 (keep up with what's going on)
  • Participate in User Oriented Forums1 (ask questions, offer help, report issues, request enhancements)

( 1 - all of our projects have a "User" oriented forum as well as a "Developer" oriented forum.)


Contribute Code Patches or Documentation

In this role, you can participate in the actual development of the code at the "patch" level. If this is the type of role you'd like to play, you can do that by hanging out in the "Developer" oriented forum for your favorite project, testing code, addressing issues locally and offering suggestions for fixing them. If your contributions take root, you can work yourself into a project team role if that's what you have passion for. In addition to the above, you can:

  • Participate in Development Forums (identify issues, offer solutions, discuss alternatives)
  • Contribute Documentation or other Deliverables (if you've done something interesting, it might find a home with other project files)

To avoid legal problems, Swyx Forum policy requires that all code be submitted under the same license. By submitting a patch, documentation or any other contribution you signify your understanding and acceptance of this condition and attest to your rights to submit the contribution. Or... in plain English... you're saying that you have the legal right to give it to us and that it isn't somebody else's property.


Apply to Join a Project Team

Each Project Team has a Lead and from time to time also one or more team members The Team Lead is responsible for assembling and managing their team and orchestrating the advancement of their Project. Being a member of a Project Team is a big step. Team Members have access to the Project's source code, private discussion and download areas, avatars which identify them in our forums and other privileges. In order to join a Project Team, you'll need to contact that teams Lead and determine what their individual needs and criteria are.


What are we looking for in a Project Team member?

  • Responsibility - Don't apply if you can't afford to commit a few hours a week to participating. Team Members are expected to actively contribute to their forums and to the project development and Issue management. Specific responsibilities are up to the Team Lead, so you can work out your level of contribution with them.
  • Attention to Detail - Quality is a priority. We need developers who actually test, testers who are thorough and tech writers who can write for Users and Developers. The Issue Logs for the Projects are open to public view, but are maintained solely by the Project Team Members. And documentation, help and user experience are valuable aspects of all projects.
  • Teamwork - We work as a team. This means that sometimes there is frustration because one person or another KNOWS they have the right answer if everyone would just listen! However, the swyx-forum meritocracy works partly because of our commitment to work collaboratively through issues to find the right answers. This sometimes slows things down a bit, but the end results prove better and more robust. If you can't convince your teammates of the appropriateness of a solution, there's more work to be done... either on the solution or the problem definition. 


Suggest a new project and become Project Team Leader

You have an idea for a great new project ? You would like to bring in an already existing project of your or parts of it to Swyx Forum projects ? We would be happy to host your project and provide you and the team you assemble with a number of online resources:

  • Project Homepage

  • Project Forums for

    • General Usage discussion (meant for all users of your project)
    • Developement discussions (meant for all programing discussions for you project, open to everyone)
    • Private discussions just being available for you and your team to keep on track.
  • Project Downloads to provide all official downloads of your project, stable versions, beta versions, documentation and so on. As project Lead you would moderate all these downloads.

  • Project Issuse Tracking to keep track of all bugs/defects/issues/enhancement requests. This system will be open to every swyx-forum user (read only) just you and your team can actually work on it.

  • Project Source Code Repository (cvs) to store all the source code of your porject at a centralized place. This enables you and your team to work together on the same source files. This system will be available for you and your team only.

We do expact Swyx Forum projects to be open source projects ! Keep this in mind when thinking about leading your own project. All projects and project files must state their origin (meaning Swyx Forum) at proper locations (About boxes, File Headers) and must also state their open source status. The following is the official Swyx Forum copyright notice:


My Project Project - Core Definitions

This is a Swyx Forum Open Source Project.
Read more about it at http://projects.swyx-forum.com

Copyright (c) 2007 by Swyx Forum
Copyright (c) 2007 by My Name
All Rights Reserved.

Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy of this software and associated
documentation files (the "Software"), to deal in the Software without restriction, including without limitation
the rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell copies of the Software, and
to permit persons to whom the Software is furnished to do so, subject to the following conditions:

The above copyright notice and this permission notice must be included in all copies or substantial portions
of the Software.




Additional hints about the project team members are allowed, of course !

It is of course also possible to use other open source or other licenses. We do not limit them in any way, as long as they state origin to be a Swyx Forum project.

Projects dervied from Swyx Forum projects, being used commercially or not, may not remain in this open source status but still must state their origin !


Still interested ?

Great! So, your next steps will be to...

  • Provide feedback / support / submissions in project forums
  • Get in touch directly with the Lead of the project you want to join (or ask us via Feeback)
  • Tell us about your project plan within the Suggestions forum.